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The UPTF (Faculty Technical Executive Unit) Library of The Faculty of Industrial Technology Trisakti University is a work unit which provide, process, store, maintain and serve borrowing and returning literature materials, also as source of crucial information for science development and for result improvement of learning and teaching process in the Faculty of Industrial Technology. The Library of the Faculty of Industrial Engineering Trisakti University responsibles for managing information sources owned so that library could be effectively utilized by entire academicians especially lecturers and students in the Faculty of Industrial Engineering Faculty Trisakti University. Alongside with its duties and responsibilities, the library of the Faculty of Industrial Engineering has several functions as follows:
  1. Education supporting facility especially to support teaching and learning activities.
  2. Expertise and research deepening facility particularly in industrial, mechanical, electrical and Informatics affair.
  3. Information center for industrial, mechanical, electrical and Informatics engineering.
  4. The media for creation and talent development for entire lecturer and students of the Faculty of Industrial Engineering.
Supported by 3 librarians and 3 administrative personnel, the Library of the Faculty of Industrial Technology has attempted to fulfill its functions by providing loaning and returning service of collections, reference services, and information searching services.
The Library of the Faculty of Industrial Technology located at Herry Hartanto Building (FG Building) 3rd Floor with total area approximately 313 m2.
The Library collections include various science related to education, teaching and researchs in Mechanical, Electrical, Industrial and Informatics Engineering.
Library collections consist of printed and non printed paperworks that include:
  1. Books
  2. Text Book, book collection that in line with the curriculum or teaching book that could be borrowed outside library building.
  3. Reference Books, book collection stored as information source, and not allowed to borrow outside library building, specifically: encyclopedia, dictionary, standardization book, handbook, final project, thesis and dissertation.
  4. Series of publishing including: national and international accredited journals, domestic and foreign magazine, annual report and newspaper.
The respective collections mentioned above could be accessed through the following site address: http//
The Library offers open service system that allowing each visitor can directly access into collection room.
Services available in FTI Library are as follows:
  1. Circulation Service (collection borrowing and returning service and membership service)
  2. Reference Service, book borrowing service that is not allowed to be borrow outside library building
  3. Multimedia Service
  4. Internet Service
  5. Photocopy Service
Library member are FTI academicians consisting of students, lecturers and employees of FTI that has made activation to become library member with the following membership requirements:
  1. Filling membership application request
  2. Submitting 1 (one) sheet of ID Card copy
  3. Submitting 1 (one) sheet of 3 x 4 Passport Photo
Library membership could be de-activated if it is proved that the member of the Library does not obey the rules and regulations applicable.
Library open in every business days with the following regulations
Monday to Thursday : Open : 08.00  -  20.00
    1st Break
2nd Break      
12.00   -  13.00
16.00   -  17.00
Friday : Open : 08.00  -  20.00
    1st Break
2nd Break      
11.30    -  13.30
16.00   -  17.00
Saturday   : Open : 08.00  -  13.00
  1. Each visitor obliged to fill library visitor list.
  2. Visitors are not allowed to bring bag, folder and jacket into collection room.
  3. Do not left valuable thing inside locker. During library visit, lost of property shall not be the responsibility of the library.
  4. Not allowed to make noise (sensation), tear, damage or mess the printed collection (book, magazine, journal, newspaper, final project and others) existed and that belong to the library.
  5. Not allowed to eat, drink and smoke inside library room.
  6. Each visitor obliged to keep maintain serenity and orders, and always take care of library room cleanliness.
  7. Visitors obliged to obey the library orders.
  • Book to loan is submitted to circulation service officer alongside with visitor own library member card.
  • Borrowed book shall be the fully responsibility of the respective member and not allowed to lend to other.
Library member could maximum borrow amounted to:
  • 2 (two) titles for student and lecturer
  • 4 (four) titles for student and lecturer who completing final project.
  • Student: Loaning valid for 7 (seven) days and could be extended for maximum 1 (one) loaning period.
  • For employees, lecturers, researchers and FTI administrative personnel that already become library member, the loaning period valid for 14 days. Could be extended for maximum 1 (one) loaning period by reporting to circulation officer.
  • Fine shall be imposed for those late in returning book from determined time limit, amounted to Rp 1000,- / book/day
  • Delay for 15 days shall be given written warning beside administration fine.
  • Lost or damaged book shall be replaced with the similar one.
  • Sanction provision available for all library members.
For student that will follow pre-judicium, obliged to request free loan receipt at Faculty or University Library. If the respective student has no book loaning, free loan letter shall be directly provided and signed by library officer.
Library UPTF Head                                                         : Yati Nurhayati,S.Sos
Collection Administration and Procurement Staff               : Lindawati
Collection processing staff                                               : 1.   Fauziah,S.IP
                                                                                       2.  Rahayu Oktaviani
Circulation Service Staff                                                  : Helmi
Reference Service Staff                                                   : Wahyudi
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